KTK Biopharm Teknik


With a wealth of experience gained from people working in the sanitary equipment segment, and executing turnkey projects for key food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical producers, KTK has facilitated the engineering procurement demands of hundreds of companies across Turkey.

Our ideology is based on providing a Total Service solution. That is, with consultation finding the requirements of a company, supplying those needs, training company employees and supporting them throughout the transition process.

Our versatility, no matter which industry we service, has garnered a reputation as leaders in all smart design solutions. Whether it be Sanitary Processing Equipment, Heat exchangers or fluid handling, Matrix provides effective and innovative solutions with advanced technology.


KTK is committed to improving process outcomes through technology. But it is our understanding of, and implementation of technology to specification, that makes us the unique business partner in today’s production environment.

Our success comes from collaboration with the manufacturers of “Industry Best Equipment”. We utilise smart design engineering, founded upon practical application, logistics of installation and a discernible increase in productivity, to deliver innovative product outcomes with low unit input costs.

Throughout our rigorously structured implementation process, we assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until your production line is thriving, with high yield and low wastage outcomes, delivering low unit input costs along with low trade waste outcomes per unit produced. What’s more, our continued relationships with our client base, always keeps them current with any new advancement in their industry.





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