KTK Process Solutions offers the most comprehensive range of sanitary pumps in the Turkish Market. Representing the market leading brands for Centrifugal, Positive displacement and new technologies such as twin screw, we are assured we can find the right match for your application.

Centrifugal Pumps

The Centrifugal portfolio from KTK provides you with a comprehensive selection of high efficiency robust pumps. Premium models such as the Alfa Laval LKH series, LKH Ultrapure, Solid C range. We have the right model to suit your application.

Circumferential Piston Pumps

The circumferential piston pump range is specially desgined for transporting very low viscosity products at higher discharge pressures for food, dairy and beverage and other hygienic applications. The extensive range meets a wide spectrum of requirements under various working pressures.

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Our rotary lobe pumps are designed for low, medium and high-viscosity media and offer gentle pumping action and reliable performance. With its robust construction, each pump is developed for a different type of demand and meets high standards of quality and reliability. Collectively, they provide operating economy and high flexibility of use.

Twin Screw Pumps

The OS is a twin screw pump, 100% sanitary use and ideal as a CIP and Process pump, which reduces time and maintenance costs Certifications: 3-A, FDA and EHEDG

-100% high-speed CIP
-Constant flow
-Easy assembly and disassembly
-Ideal for abrasive products
-No contact between casing and rotor working at high pressures
-Great suction capacity that eliminates low NPSH problems
-Gentle handling of cut-sensitive products.
-100% drainable
-Bidirectional: It is possible to recover the product from the line due to being reversible