Compact and straightforward, LKAP seat valves are reliable air-operated shut-off valves widely used for small flow rates and for dosing applications in the dairy, food and beverage industries.

SB Mini Flow Valve

Ideal for handling small flows when hygienic shut-off and change-over are required, the Alfa Laval SB Mini Flow Valve is used to close or divert the flow of liquids or gases in a broad range of applications in the brewery, food, dairy and beverage industries. The valve can be used as an integral part of a SCANDI BREW® tank top system.

Unique SSV

Alfa Laval Unique Single Seat Valves (SSVs) are robust, reliable and versatile pneumatic single seat valves designed for uninterrupted production in a broad range of hygiene-critical applications. Valve bodies, plugs and actuators of these pneumatic control valves can be configured to meet virtually any requirement resulting in cost-effective solutions that meet high standards of hygiene and aseptic compatibility.


The Unique Single Seat Valve ATEX meets the highest demands of your process in terms of hygiene and safety. Built on the well-proven Unique SSV platform it is ATEX certified to be used in environments with an explosive atmosphere.

Unique SSSV

Alfa Laval Unique Small Single Seat Valves (SSSVs) are fast-acting pneumatic valves that handle dosing and small flow rates in hygienic applications. Modular and cost-effective, you can easily configure valve bodies, plugs and actuators to meet your requirements for shutoff or diversion. These durable, easy-to-clean seat valves come in ½” and ¾” versions.

Unique SSV Aseptic

Unique SSV aseptic valve for sterile process applications. A one-piece diaphragm provides hermetic sealing against intrusion from the atmosphere, ensuring full protection against the effects of microorganisms during processing. The special diaphragm offers modularity as it can be used with a broad range of the Unique SSV configurations – including standard, tangential, two-step, manual and tank outlet valves.

Unique SSV DN125 and DN150

Unique Single Seat DN125 (5″) and DN150 (6″) valves are pneumatic seat valves in a hygienic and modular design offering a wide field of applications, for instance as a stop valve with two or three ports or as a change-over valve with three to five ports. These valves complement the Unique Single Valve family for large size installations in specific areas of your plant where size matters.

Unique SSV Long Stroke

Unique SSV Long-Stroke valves for use where larger openings are required to provide gentler, more effective flow control such as in installations with media or products that contain particles and/or suspended solids and for high-viscosity flows.

Unique SSV Manual

Unique SSV manually operated valves for shut off, tank outlet or straightforward regulating or dosing purposes that require small, relatively simple valves with many different options and features, including lockable handles.

Unique SSV Reverse Acting

Unique SSV reverse-acting valve for use in applications where the flow direction does not allow the use of a standard Unique SSV valve to eliminate the risk of pressure shock.

Unique SSV Tangential

Unique SSV tangential valves for use in tank openings, horizontally mounted drains and for wherever space restriction make it difficult to install valves at other angles.

Unique SSV Tank Outlet

Unique SSV tank outlet valves for installations that open into the tank (reverse-acting version) or close up against the tank (standard version).

Unique SSV Two Step

Unique SSV two-step valves for use in dosing, two-stage filling where the focus is on ensuring an exact volume or for draining of two pipes at the same time. Adjustable lifting height makes it possible to match specific volumes and quantities.

Unique SSV Y-body

Unique SSV Y-body valves for use in installations that involve flows with large particles and/or high viscosity, and where the focus is on particularly gentle treatment of products and flows.