LabUnit M10

With a membrane area of only 336 cm², the Alfa Laval LabUnit M10 is our smallest and most compact cross-flow membrane filtration equipment. Fully integrated and easy-to-use, it is versatile enough for membrane screening, research, process development and training. It can be used with the complete Alfa Laval range of MF and UF flat sheet membranes and can test 2 different membrane types simultaneously, making it an effective tool for initial microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane selection.

LabUnit M37/38

The Alfa Laval LabUnit M37/38 is a fully integrated plate-and-frame system for ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane processes. The module of this unit utilizes the same support plates and membranes as our full-scale membrane filtration modules. This makes the Alfa Laval LabUnit M37/38 a flexible tool for process development, up-scaling, membrane testing, quality assurance and small-scale production. Optional plate sets are available for feeds of different viscosity / solids content

PilotUnit Multi

The Alfa Laval PilotUnit Multi is a multipurpose system with a broad selection of options that makes it possible to test all different kinds of membrane filtration products for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis in batch or semi-batch mode. It is an ideal tool for easy and reliable scale-up of processes or even small-scale production.


TestUnit M20

The Alfa Laval TestUnit M20 is a fully integrated plate-and-frame system. It can be used for research and development, educational work, process optimization and up-scaling, as well as quality assurance and small-scale production. The unit can be equipped with our entire range of membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration as well as microfiltration. By adding the optional M20-2.5” housing, you can also test with spiral membranes.