Alfa Laval microfiltration spiral membranes (MF) are proven solutions for efficient removal of dispersed solids. The unique construction of polypropylene support material in a sanitary, full-fit design ensures optimum filtration. There are different types of microfiltration membranes and various combinations of length, diameter and feed spacer size to ensure the right performance for your application.


Alfa Laval nanofiltration spiral membranes (NF) are proven solutions for the high-yield concentration and demineralization of products such as antibiotics, whey and ultrafiltration permeate. They retain salts with a divalence in excess of 1 while small monovalent salts pass into the permeate. They can also be used for producing low-alcohol beverages with the alcohol component passing through the NF membrane, while the colour and aroma remain in the retentate.


Alfa Laval reverse osmosis spiral membranes (RO) are low energy, proven solutions for concentrating feed streams, particularly heat sensitive products. The RO spiral membranes can also be used for pre-concentration prior to evaporation as well as product and water recovery from permeate streams and evaporator condensate. The two series of RO membranes have different NaCl rejection properties. The RO membranes are thin-film composite cast on either polyester or polypropylene backing paper.



The Alfa Laval ultrafiltration spiral membranes (UF) are a proven and popular choice for many processes in the food, beverage, dairy, biotech and pharmaceutical industries where they are used for product recovery as well as product purification, fractionation and concentration. This makes the ultrafiltration membranes one of our most versatile products. Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of UF membranes with different characteristics and properties.