Alfa Laval offers a wide range of instrumentation ideal for the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, covering weighing systems, transmitters, level switches and conductivity sensors as well as solutions for pressure, temperature and more. All instrumentation for the measurement of pressure, temperature, flow and level as well as analysis equipment is designed for hygienic use.

Analytical Instruments

Our conductivity sensors are highly accurate, all-stainless steel devices that measure the ability of process liquids to carry electrical currents.

Cleaning Validation Instruments

Our cleaning validation instruments offer a proven, reliable method to increase quality assurance in tank cleaning.

Flow Instruments

Our flow instruments are hygienic flow measuring instruments that enable accurate measurement of liquid levels in membrane filtration modules and plants.

Instrumentation Accessories

Our instrumentation accessories can be used in hygienic production in the food, beverage, dairy, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Level Instruments

Our level instruments provide accurate and reliable remote liquid level indications for food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processes.

Pressure Instruments

Our pressure instruments provide accurate, reliable indications of pressure. The pressure measurement devices are suitable for use in filtration and pump systems, pressure vessels, valve matrices and other hygienic and pharmaceutical process equipment.

Temperature Instruments

Our temperature instruments provide accurate and reliable temperature measurements in hygienic and pharmaceutical production.

Weighing Instruments

The Alfa Laval weighing system is based on a patented digital capacitive technology that features a number of advantages compared to other technologies used in measuring force and weight. The weighing system is ideal for mixing, dosing, level regulation or batch tasks. The robust technology allows for a simple and hygienic installation of the Alfa Laval load cells without mounting kits. The simple installation eliminates the need for maintenance and reduces the total cost of ownership.