New TJ40G cuts tank cleaning time and costs

The TJ40G Rotary Jet Head tank-cleaning machine gets rid of residues while reducing cycle times and costs for energy, water and cleaning agents.

The latest innovation within the company’s broad tank cleaning portfolio, the Alfa Laval TJ40G raises the bar for tank cleaning performance of critical hygienic applications in the food, dairy, beverage,pharmaceutical, home and personal care industries. What’s new are an improved self-cleaning function of the interior and exterior of the device itself, and 100% coverage of tank interior.

“Expect exceptional levels of tank cleaning from the new Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head,” says Kim Kjellberg, Product Portfolio Manager, Tank Cleaning. “Designed in response to the demand for increased hygienic levels, the self-cleaning system is more effective due to numerous features such as small holes in the hub that make sure the cone of the machine is clean, thereby removing residues that other tank cleaning devices may miss.”

Exceptional cleanability, reliability and predictability

Like the Alfa Laval TJ20G, the Alfa Laval TJ40G uses a high-impact jet stream to effectively clean tough tank residues and minimize the risk of product contamination. This four-nozzle rotary jet head also cleans tanks 60% faster than static spray ball technology,which increases production uptime. And because it cleans faster, the Alfa Laval TJ40G uses less water and less cleaning agents thereby reducing operating costs by up to 70%.

Optimal cleaning pattern reduce cleaning media used

The eight-cycle cleaning pattern of the Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head gets successively denser as the cleaning cycle progresses,ensuring full coverage and thorough cleaning. Using the powerful mechanical impact of the jet stream to achieve outstanding cleaning results, the Alfa Laval TJ40G requires less time, energy, water and cleaning agents than comparable CIP methods.

Easily handles tough residues and solids

The Alfa Laval TJ40G is capable of handling tough tank residues as well as solids up to 1mm in the cleaning fluid. This is particularly important for demanding process lines where both the size and the amount of particles, such as brewhouse application, may be re-circulated in cleaning media before completing the cleaning cycle.

Complete self-cleaning system, inside and out

Not only does the Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head provide spotless cleaning of the tank interior, it also cleans itself – inside and out. Its hygienic self-cleaning construction ensures that the flow of the cleaning fluid reaches the external surfaces of the rotary jet head, as well as the critical internal components such as all bushings, bearings and inner surfaces. This minimizes the risk of product contamination and ensures a high product quality.