Aseptic Mixproof

The Alfa Laval Aseptic Mixproof Valve ensures product safety and provides full protection against the intrusion of harmful microorganisms, even during unwanted pressure spikes. This double-seat mixproof valve is perfect for use in sterile process applications in the food, dairy and beverage industries. Easy to configure, operate, maintain, it reduces the total cost of ownership by up to 45% compared to other aseptic valves.

Unique Mixproof

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof valves enable simultaneous flow of two products or fluids through the same valve without risk of cross-contamination. Their exceptional spillage free operation is compliant with most hygienic standards.

Uniques Mixproof 3-Body

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof 3-Body valves enable the simultaneous flow of two different products or fluids through the same valve without risk of cross-contamination. The valve is also equipped with a changeover function.

Unique Mixproof CP-3

The Alfa Laval Unique mixproof CP-3 valve is a highly efficient light-weight, reduced vent valve – designed to be configurable and protect product in all processing occasions. Engineered with the latest efficiency and sustainability principles in mind, they maximize floor space while greatly minimizing CIP consumption and downtime.


Unique Mixproof Horizontal Tank

Unique Mixproof Horizontal Tank Valve specially designed for horizontal mounting directly on the tank wall. It improves cleanliness of the horizontal tank connections and ensures that no area of the tank inlet or tank outlet is left uncleaned.

Unique Mixproof Large Particle

For applications with very large particles or highly viscous fluids, this valve offers the same basic advantages as Unique mixproof valves but are specially designed with large openings up to 45 mm in diameter.

Unique Mixproof Tank Outlet

Same basic advantages as the unique mixproof valves but specially designed for mounting directly on the tank wall at the inlets and outlets. For tank inlet and outlet applications, the Unique mixproof tank outlet (TO) valve offers full drainability and provides cleanability all the way up to the tank without any risk of cross-contamination.


Unique Mixproof UltraPure

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof UltraPure is designed to suit the needs of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. It enables the simultaneous flow of two different fluids without the risk of cross-contamination. Modular in design, they ensure maximum uptime for continuous, high-purity processes.