Pharma-line S

Versatile heating and cooling

The design of the Pharma-line makes it easy to drain and clean, and there is no risk of cross-contamination associated with conventional heat exchangers.

The Pharma-line is designed to work under highest hygienic conditions in applications such as Water-for-Injection (WFI), Purified Water (PW) and heating/cooling of pharmaceutical products.

Special features: Leakage detection Double tube sheets protects against service media leaking into the product.

Drainable: Fully drainable on the product side, with no dead spots. Vent and drain possibilities on utility side.

Hygienic design: Seamless tube with smooth and controlled surface finish. Crevice-free design ensuring no contamination.

Flexibility: The Pharma-line S range is designed with legs for flexible positioning of the heat exchanger. It can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling and this decision can be taken after the order is placed.

Compliant design: In line with ASME BPE, USP, cGMP requirements.

Comprehensive documentation: A high-quality documentation package as standard, with most specials available on request. Alfa Laval Pharma-line P